Working Student


Working Student

An opportunity to grow and develop

I'm very happy to be able to offer working student positions.


As a working student you live at Stall Haväng, do stable work and receive lessons in return.

The working student concept makes it possible to spend an intense time with horses and learn a lot during that period.

I started my career as working student and am forever grateful for all the (life) lessons I learnt.


We offer the position to everyone who is enthusiastic about spending time with horses on a profound level, open to learn how to be with horses in another way, motivated to make our horses and horse owners happy, and also excited about self-development and life coaching.



Our working students work 6 days a week with the days starting at 6:30 and ending at 16:00. (+ night feeding at 21:00).

You have a breakfast and lunch break and an individual lesson from Monday-Friday. Depending on how fast you work, it is possible to watch me training/ spending time with my horses for 1-2 hours each day.

You work in a team of 3 working students and are responsible for the stable work. It includes mucking out stables, mucking the paddocks, feeding, taking horses in and out, putting blankets on, sweeping etc. Everything that is needed to provide the best service possible for our customers and a clean and tidy stable. Since we have mashines, the (hard) physical work is limited, but nonetheless it is a physically demanding job that requires a healthy body and physical fitness.

We expect our working students to work independently and efficiently, seeing what needs to be done and taking initiative.

We at Stall Haväng want our working students to feel supported and part of the team. We all work together and care about a positive attitude and atmosphere. It is important to us, that we communicate openly with each other and are open to feedback.


For your work you get a room in our shared apartment, the possibility to bring your own horse or work with our horses and either 5 lessons a week or 2 lessons and 1 coaching session.

The lessons can be everything from groundwork, lungeing, handwork, riding, horsemanship/ connection work. Together we make a plan what you want to learn and what we focus on in your lessons. Also here, feedback is important and I want your lessons to be an ongoing dialogue. I put a lot of focus on teaching in an independent way, meaning that I want my students to be independent from their teacher. Instead of telling you constantly what to do, I want you to work as soon as possible indepentendly with the horse, me helping you along the way. In that way it is guaranteed, that you can go home and continue your work and not getting lost as soon as there is no trainer around.


In order to prevent to many changes for our horses, we like our working students to stay for at least 3 months preferably longer.

We are looking for someone who wants to develop their horse skills in a more spirtual way, are good with taking responsibility,can easily cooperate with other people and horses, are service minded and have a big tolerance for other peoples differences.

If you are healthy, ambitious and love horses and think this would be something for you, please send us an application by email to





September 1st

December 1st


You can also already apply for next year.





Feedback from my working student Kinga from Poland who spend 3 1/2 months with us:


Leonie from the beginning was my biggest inspiration. Before I started working with her I didn’t know how to work and get along with horses. As she said, at the beginning of our journey into the horse world, I was too “mechanical”.

During my 3.5 months-long internship and working with Leonie almost every day, I found everything what I was looking for.


I have experienced a profound connection with horses, I learnt to use my Heart more than ever, that means I opened it and left my expectations before I started working with the horses. Leonie offered me two Feel Sessions with the horses as teachers, which were amazing and unique experiences. They showed me things I have to improve within myself in the future to become a better person.


Leonie also taught me many useful techniques to work with horses, including Academic Art of Riding – groundwork, hand work, with her help I achieved appropriate seat. She explained horse biomechanics to me and showed how to look at the horse to see its movements, body strengths and weaknesses. We worked on my body awareness – how to stay relaxed, eliminate body tensions and keep proper position on the horse. We worked with energy, too. I learnt raising and lowering my body energy and using it with the horse.

As a horse trainer she makes sure that horses stay relaxed during the work, she respects their personal space, rewards them, and she allows them to say “no” when they want to without forcing them to do the exercise. This makes horses willing to follow and work with her. She is truly in love with horses and always makes sure that they are happy after the training.

Together with her, as my trainer, we had many laughs during our lessons. On the other hand, to make a bigger positive change in me, she spoke strong words whenever it was needed, to keep me motivated and not to give up. I like that she makes sure that her students are independent which makes them successful later, when they work alone with their own horses.

Thanks to her, I know what kind of path I wish to follow.


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