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"I was a working student at Stall Haväng for six months in 2015-2016 and during that time I had one lesson per week with Leonie. Her teaching style fits me perfectly - she's not the kind of trainer who guides your every step but rather gives you a task, gives you the tools to be able to complete that task and then lets you figure out how to do it "on your own". In the end you get an amazing feeling together with your horse, while still understanding the whole process of getting there - and therefore you're able to replicate most of it on your own later.


She's a very good seat instructor, being able to go through technical details and visualizing tools that helps you improve your seat and riding in general, but if you're also looking for a deeper connection with your horse (and yourself for that matter), she's the one to get you there. Never have I laughed so much during lessons, or been able to cry without feeling weird about it (I'm the kind of person who cries from strong emotions, no matter what emotions - so both happiness, sadness and frustration will probably cause a few tears for me). I'm very grateful that I got to train for her for so long, and I miss her dearly!"





"We always stumble across those moments in life when we just get stuck. We cannot save ourselves or climb over the obstacle in front of us without help. It is even worse, if this situation starts to grow into a mood in which you seek after your inner peace and long for being with someone who can bring you back harmony. I came into such a situation with my horse handling- and took the courage to ask for help. Because help was the thing I needed. Leonie guided me through my obstacles in a way that made me feel stronger, more confident and comfortable with what I was doing. She passed on her knowledge to me in a way that made me open my eyes for how horses expresses themselves, how they think and how I can influence them. I never thought that one day I would be able to get a lose horse’s attention seeking my presence, or that I would ride a horse in all gaits with just a neck ring. My leadership with horses started to show more confidence and calmness after my training sessions with Leonie. She saw my inner, and personal, problems in the horse I was handling. With instructions from her, together we worked with the horse. After a while, I realized that the horse’s progress, was my progress as well. It is just not all about the horse. It is about us, together as a unit. Leonie has a splendid eye and knowledge to see, and most of all, help human and horse work together. That is what makes her a perfect trainer, someone you can trust with your difficulties."





"Leonie helped me with loading my horse Sparris because I didnt have enough patience myself.

She helped her understanding that the trailer isn't something she needs to be afraid of.

After a while she walked in and stood inside calmly. All the way she didn't mind being in the trailer and now she is walking in on her own every time I load her!"





"A few days ago I had a seat lesson with Leonie. We did some movement exercises on the horseback like sitting backwards, sitting on the sides, laying down, moving legs and arm etc. Those exercises helped me a lot to feel all the parts of my body and what they are doing to my seat"





"Leonie has been here for seven months now and she has trained many of my horses from day 1. She has done a great job with my youngsters, giving them self confidence. They now love to co-operate and play with humans and always have a positive attitude to new things. They are really well prepared for being ridden when that time comes and the new owners of them will have an easy journey educating them.


Leonie has also trained my horses Escapada and Gestora. Gestora has a real problem with being inside and with new sounds. Leonie has trained her to be more comfortable inside the stable. From the beginning she was really stressed and could not even stand still for a sec, now she can stand all loose and calm dispite of sounds and stuff going on around her. With Esca she got a really great bond and connection. Esca is a very introvert horse and when she feels that she is not understood she will go in into her shell. When I saw Esca with Leonie I just knew they belonged, Esca and Leonie are now doing things together I never thought was possible with Esca. It is a miracle and her name is Leonie. Now Esca will become Leonies horse and they can continue their journey together knowing they will always have each other. I am so happy for Esca, she has chosen her human well!"





"Of the little work I have seen Leonie done from my last week at Haväng and on Facebook, I am impressed with her work. I think her positivity and the calm state of mind is one of the reason she developed such a strong bond with sensitive mare Esca. From what I have seen they have a very strong bond that I have only seen a handful examples of and much hope to achieve with my horse one day.

It was one of my last days as a working pupil at Stall Haväng. I had booked the same horse transportation company that had brought Laika to Haväng to get her back home. We had trained loading her in an ordinary trailer and that had worked well both before and during The Haväng time. The company use a small truck where you load the horse from the side and not from the back. The day we were leaving for Haväng, Laika did not have any problems going up on the ramp and get her head in the trailer but when we had to move her sideways she decided to go out and that was it. We had to use some special halter that creates a lot of pressure to get her in. When we were going home we did not have one.

Me and the girl from the company tried everything we could think of to get Laika inside. It was not that she was afraid of the trailer she just did not think it was a good idea to get inside. Leonie came out to help us and after more than thirty minutes she asked if she could try something. She took over and asked Laika to get up on the ramp and into the trailer. When Laika did not want to go further she made her back up a bit and then made her work for a while and then tried again. She praised every step in the right direction. This pattern repeated a few times. She explained to us. “You will not get this horse to get in by trying to force her. She has to think that it is her own idea”.

After a while Laika figured out that it was very troublesome not going up on the ramp and very nice going up on it. She started advancing up and stuck her head in the trailer and found the hay and some carrots. Also the people around was very calm and happy so this must really be a good idea! Then it was a piece of cake to make her stand properly so we could close the wall and the trailer and she seemed very satisfied with it all.

It was impressive to see her work with Laika."





"I met Leonie when I was doing an internship at Ylvie Fros. She was at the moment the stable manager. I saw her working with her horse Esca and immediately saw what kind of bond she has with her horse. One that I wish to have with my own horse. I also saw her getting lessons from Ylvie, Bent, Christofer and Rebecca. When she doesn’t feel a connection with her horse, you can see at both of them that something isn’t working in their lesson for them and how they are both at loss.

At Ylvies I also saw her teach some girls and even though she couldn’t speak to them in Dutch and they didn’t speak English or German, they could easily understand each other. And at the end of the lesson everybody had a great time. And they didn’t need me as a translator at all.

So when I organized a camp that year, I really wanted her to come and teach. Because she doesn’t only look at the biomechanics of the horse and how they should do an exercise correctly and then explain what should change. Leonie also wants to see if there is a connection between you and your horse. And that is the beauty of teaching. You can do an exercise as written in the books, but if you do not feel a connection with your horse, you are not really happy with it. It has to come from both sides. So by the time Leonie came, she had her CR level 1 diploma and could tell you not only the biomechanics of the horse, but also how you influence your horse. Which is quiet handy when you also want connection.

So when I got my lesson from her I could feel my horse change because of what Leonie told me to do, but in the same time I could also feel the connection with my horse better. And when I told her something didn’t work for us she looked for another way to explain it, so we could reach the same point. For her the most important thing during the lessons is that there is connection between the rider and the horse and when that is there, you can focus on the movements of the horse and the rider."



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