Training horses

Do you need help with your horse?

Do you want to give your horse a good start?

Do you have severe problems, that you cannot work on yourself?

Do you want to sell your horse and give it a good training before?

Or do you just want to go on holiday and need someone who looks after your horse?


There are many reasons why to give your horse to a trainer for some months.

In my training horse program I adjust to the individual problems/ training condition and help the horse in developing further.

Having your horse on site helps me to observe it in daily life, with other horses/people/ surroundings. That often gives a good insight in the problem. Many behavioural difficulties are based on a deep emotional complexity.


By having the opportunity for an intense training and handling, I can achieve better results than only working on it in weekly lessons.

It can also help the horse to be in a new setting, starting all over.


Whatever your reason is to give your horse in training, I guarantee you an individuell and personal training programm that gives your horse the chance to outperform!



Your horse will be boarded at Stall Haväng in Tvååker in a nice, roomy box. From 8-16:00 o'clock ( According to prior agreement longer) your horse will be on a paddock. I will take care of your horse mainly myself, assuring you an all around supply. Or our working students are handling it under my guidance in the daily routine.

If your horse stays for 3 months it can be integrated into the herd in the paddock paradise.


In the first days I will observe the problem/ training condition and compile a diagnosis and training aim with you. Together we will see what is needed, and what is possible in the amount of time your horse is here. This summary however doesn't serve as a guarantee but as a guideline. It is your horse that decides how far we will come! However I will supply you with regular training updates so you can follow the training process.


Since my aim is to give you and your horse the opportunity to become a unit and a harmonic team, I include in the training 5 lessons with you. Together we will decide whether you get them in one block or spread them over the training time. Of course we can make a special arrangement with more lessons, if you wish for it.



1 month/ 20 sessions: 6500 SEK (incl. stable; excl. hay, sporn and kraftfeed!)






Youngster training, intensive training, selling horse etc.


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