Natural Horsemanship


Natural Horsemanship

Relaxation, Response, Mindfulness, Awareness

Do you wish your horse would come to you on the field?

Do you have the impression your horse ignores you?

Does your horse often bump into you?

Do you want to improve your communication?

Do you have the feeling your horse doesn't like to work with you?

Do you have problems in your daily handling?

Do you dream about riding without a bridle?


I will pick you up wherever you are with your horse. We will work on your communication with each other as well as how to have fun. The following things could be part of the sessions


  • Working on establishing a personal space/ distance problems
  • Daily handling like leading, hooves etc. for horses that are not that easy in the normal routines
  • How your horses becomes friends with the vet/ hooftrimmer
  • Anti spook parcour e.g. walking over bottles, under/over tarpaulin, narrow spaces
  • Basics of working on the long rope
  • Liberty work
  • Neck ring riding
  • Trusty Trail Horse
  • Trailer loading


In my horsemanship lessons, I will supervise your work with the horse. I will not teach your horse how to behave, but the two of you how to find a way of communicating. Together we will work on a better understanding which will lead to a more fair and honest relationship. Daily problems will disapear and your horse will be easier in handling.

It is the basic education that will help you in many ways.

Since most problems arise in the human being unclear, uncertain, unconfident, we will help you with easy tasks to develop yourself to become a better horseman! It will take time for yourself and your horse to improve. I don't want to let you alone after one session, because it might confuse the horse to discontinue old patterns. Everything we learn new needs to be done 21 times to become routine.



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