Do you want to understand your horses soul?

Do you feel something is standing in between you and your horse?

Do you want to see your horse in its true nature?

Do you want to give your horse a safe space to develop and express itself?

Are you ready to face your own emotions in order to become

an authentic horse person?











Do you dream about a relaxed seat?

About being one with the horse?

About feeling secure on your horse?

Do you wish to ride without back pain?

Do you want to improve your seat as primary aid?











Do you wish your horse would come to you on the field?

Do you have the impression your horse ignores you?

Does your horse often bump into you?

Do you want to improve your communication?

Do you have the feeling your horse doesn't like to work?

Do you have problems in your daily handling?

Do you dream about riding with only a neck ring?










  • You need a horse or contact me to ask about our school horses
  • You either book your lesson at Stall Haväng
  • or you book a lesson at your stable.




From and with August 1, the following prices apply for my services:

Here at the farm:

30 min lesson: 250 kr

90 min coaching session 1200 kr


At your place:

30 min lesson: 300 kr

30 min training (I train your horse): 300 kr

60 min coaching/mentoring: 800 kr

Excluding travel costs.


Here at the farm with one of my horses:

30 min lesson: 500 kr



If I travel to your place I charge 25 SEK/mil.

You should check out my calender for my monthly lesson tours in order to reduce the travel costs.



  • I only teach riders riding with a helmet and remain the right to control tack; especially saddle and tightness of bridle.


When a lesson is cancelled 3 days beforehand, it will not be charged. Cancellations within 72-24 hours beforehand will be charged 50%, by cancellations within 24 hours, the full lesson will be charged.

I remain the right to cancel lessons without charge in case of acts of nature beyond control!





















Academic Art of Riding, Centered Riding, Natural Horsemanship




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