Connection Coaching

In my connection-coaching I want to hold you a sacred space for authenticity, growth, development, truth and trust.

Together we explore the deepness of your aswell as your horses soul. The goal is to build a relationship of equals, in which both feel seen, respected and trusted. Our horses are sensitive and sentient beings that strive towards harmony and peace.

In the coaching we will explore your own emotions and messages to come to a more balanced and authentic state of mind. This mind set will help you to face your horse without expectations or limiting believes and allows both of you to grow together into unity.


In the being with horses, the horse doesn't get any task or command. We allow them to be and to guide us into their wisdom. We listen to the horse and accept whatever it has to tell us. We heal wounds and traumata and hold space for the horse to sink deep into its own soul and embrace its inner power.





The Art of Being

Connection-Coaching. Finding a place of peace and authenticity.


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