My journey towards finding myself

About feeling, intuition and unity


I do not remember a time in which I did not ride and was happy. Horses have a special meaning for me ever since I started having contact to them. Around horses I can be myself, I feel secure and loved.

Amongst horses I can breathe and feel. They make me feel good in myself and my ability. As a very self-critical person I make myself having a hard time once in a while. It is my horse that makes me feel alive and self-secure again.


In my contact with horses I want to give them back what they give me:

Safety, Self-Awareness, Pride, Fun and Love.


I do not follow one method or trainer, I do not have one role model I look up to and try to copy. In my horse life I meet a lot of trainers. I see different methods, some I like some I don't. I try to stay open to everything, to learn from good and bad examples and find my own way. By picking together from different examples, I try to not get stuck in one way of training, but to have a wide repertoire which I can use on different horses. I think there is not ONE method that fits to every horse and problem.

Therefore I do a lot by feel. Every horse is unique and deserves to be seen as that. The horses tell me what they need and I adjust my training to that. If one way doesn't work, I try another one. It's a lot of drive and draw, try and error, and together we find the way, that suits the horse the best.


Horses are my best friends, they are my soulmates and we can communicate with each other. By them I feel understood. In my work with horses and their owners, I try to work as a mentor always aiming towards a true and honest relationship on the same communication level. I want to help a duo to develop their own way of comunicating and understanding each other.


Even though I don't follow strictly one method there are trainers that give distinction to my work:


Monika Sanders, who tought me the first understanding of the Academic Art of Riding and a lot of inspiration

Ylvie Fros, who gave me the opportunity to figure out my own way while supporting me with advise and input. .

Alfonso and Karin Aguilar, with whom I spend a month in the USA getting input about horsemanship in general.

Mark Rashid, whose books I admire and which inspire me.

- Linda Tellington-Jones, who was my first contact to alternative training. Meeting her in real fullfilled a long dream and I'm even more impressed by her work now.

Bent Branderup, who, as the founder of the Academic Art of Riding, gave us a way of keeping our horses healthy and supple.

Sally Swift the founder of Centered Riding, which has a big influence on my work and life!


You can find a detailed list of clinics I attented here.



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