An insight into my dreams and goals

Dear horsefriend,


in my training and teaching I aim to help horse and human to achieve more unity through body-awareness and mindfulness. I believe, that only a mindful and open mind can bring body-awareness and therefore a clear body langague. For me a good and honest relationship is based on clear, honest and true communication. I want to help horse and human to understand each other better. With a better understanding, we can find body limitations and dead ends on our mindset. Through different exercises and a mindful being we will change our and also the horses mindset to be able to the work on our own and our horses body.


In my work I combine my own experience of mindfulness training, meditation and body-awareness exercises with my education in Centered Riding, Academic Art of Riding and Natural Horsemanship.


For me it is essential that any training has its roots in good basic education from the ground. Horse and human need to be emotional, mental and physiological able to process the education at any point. This can only be guaranteed by a step-by-step training always looking after the needs of the horse. It is its learning tempo that we need to recognize and adjust to.


Whenever I feel that the mindset is changing into blank or dead ends, we will take a step back to pick up the horse (or you as a human) and build a new, well paved road together. Through that the education might seem to take longer, but it is a true education in which horse and human take every step together according to their abilities in mind and body.


Equinity stands for horse and human in unity, which should be the aim of every horseman. For me it evolves from a fair, honest and true education of both horse and human. I do not see the human nor myself as a trainer teaching the horse its chores. The relationship is based on a triangular team consisting of the horse/human duo as teacher and student at the same time and me as a supervisor in the educating process.


It is almost never only the horse that needs some help in the education, but also the human having problems with reading the horse or communicating in a missunderstanding way.


I want to help you to develop a trusting and balanced 49%|51% relationship in which you act as a unit- with the human being responsible for the guiding in precarious situations.


It is my deepest desire to learn from the horses who are willing to share their wisdom with us if we listen carefully.

My training is based on a clear and peaceful communication which means for both human and horse to be present at any given moment. Since horses and humans are quite different species, I believe that it is important to work with both, separately and together.


Therefore, I differentiate two main pillars with the ultimate goal of bringing them together.


To come to a unit within ourselves, to bring the horse into one unit in itself and to then find unity together.

For that we need to approach different aspect of life: mind, body and soul.




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Innehar F-skattsedel.