Druida de Aimaran

More than I could ever have wished for

A stunning outside combined with a beautiful inside


Pura Raza Espanola

* 2011


The first time I saw Druida was in a youtube video Ida Haväng sent me to ask which horse I prefer, him or another one. She wanted to buy one of them as a sales horse and bring him to Sweden. The other one was nice, but Druida already then fascinated me.

Ida bought him without telling anyone in Sweden as a surprise to all those that already fell in love with him on their trip to his stud in Spain.


When I arrived a few weeks later, Druida looked at me over his stable door and already then it was obvious what a great horse he is. His beauty makes me speechless every day and his soft and a bit insecure eyes melt my heart.


Ida allowed me to train him to get him used to different people. He was insecure, not really interested in people, scared of things coming towards him and in general a bit distanced. His basic education was good, his handling was easy, and in Spain they also rode him.


Since he was supposed to be sold as a riding horse, we started his riding education again after some time but Druida clearly said he wasn't ready. Spooky, nervous, tense and bucking me off, he taught me (what I thought I already know): ALWAYS listen to your gut feeling! I should not have gotten on him that day he bucked me off and I feel very sorry towards him for that.


After that accident, we took it slowly and started all new. Saddle training, jumping around him, hanging over the saddle etc. until he was good again with having someone on his back while being led around. This way felt much better to me and Druida was grateful for us giving him the time he needed.


One day in April, I warmed him up and played with him loose. And then there was this magic moment, when he decided to stay with me instead of running away, like he used to do. He circled around me, wanting to please, wanting to be with me, listening to the smallest signals and energy.


That was the moment I decided that this horse is supposed to be mine. I liked him before, he is beautiful and has great movements. But that day he touched my heart.


Since I don't have any rush in riding him I stopped the riding training and put all my focus on our relationship. We went on walks, played loose, did some grounwork, spent time together, played with balls and tarpaulins etc. His trust grew and grew and he amazed me everytime by how much calmer and relaxed he was. He started lifting his head when I called him, he came to me when I mucked out his field, he searched for contact and his eyes started to relax.


Just for fun I started parking-training again. Standing on little steps and asking him to come to stand next to it in a way I could get on him. Without any pressure and expectations. As always he gave his best and just did it. Again and again. So I started sitting up again. Slowly and with many repetitions. He was calm, trusting and relaxed.

But I didn't dare to ask him to move. I was scared he would buck again and get a set back in the training. I didn't want to lose his trust.


And then I dreamt, that Monika rode him. That he didn't do anything and she could ride him as any other horse.

The next day I sat up on him and asked him to move. He took a few steps, very carefully as if asking: Are you sure you want me to move? And then I knew, it wasn't him who lost his trust, but me.


From that moment on I lost my fear of messing up. I know now, that he is ready and that it was me who needed to overcome my own feelings. The next day I rode him for some circles and the day after for 10 minutes. All bareback and with just a caveson.

He carries me around and takes care of me. He listens and responds. He shows me how heaven must feel like.


And this is where we are now. Druida shows me new ways of developing myself and trusting in my abilities. I do have his trust and that is worth more than anything else. This horse has a bright future in front of him and I hope he lets me be part of it for a long time!


Together we can come far in our education and he has the body and mind to achieve anything. But all I hope for is his friendship and love because being friends with this horse feels magical!






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